Notre Dame Orphanage

Visiting the Notre Dame Orphanage was like a breath of fresh air on this trip.  They have made so many great changes to the orphanage that it was truly wonderful to see.  As some of you may remember this orphanage lost approximately 60 children in the orphanage.  It was devasting to all, most especially the woman who runs the orphanage.  For a couple of years she was not taking any new children.  I am happy to say that she is now both accepting new children and also has been able to find some wonderful new homes for some of the children who are currently residing there.


They have new dorms for the children to sleep in.  The walk ways are beautiful mosaic tiles which were broken in the earthquake yet designed and place together.  They truly look like a work of art.  The children are happy.  This orphanage receives very little help from outside sources so our donations are so greatly appreciated.  If you would like to help with their upkeep. 

We had a wonderful chat with Madame Eveline who runs the orphanage so please take a few moments to watch the video of that conversation.

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