New Horizons Orphanage

We had so much fun at the New Horizon's orphanage.  The children sang up a storm for us and of course a little dancing took place also. 


It was great to see the new dorms for the children to sleep in with the bunk beds and mattresses.  For so long after the earthquake they had been sleeping in tent like structures it is nice to finally have a roof over their heads.  The kitchen is still like a lean tu but they don't seem to mind much.


They also have a small chicken "pen"  with approximately 30 chickens.  This is a great source for them for both eggs and also sometimes for dinner.  While we were there some of the children were cleaning some chicken to have for dinner that evening.


Madam Christian certainly has her hands full but does such a wonderful job with all of the children.  She usually has the help of her husband, however he took a fall about a week before we arrived so he is having to take things a lot slower now.  We were able to video tape a nice talk with Madam Christian about the orphanage, I am sure you will enjoy hearing from her about the orphanage.  Also, you won't want to miss the video of the children singing.

The only thing better than singing, is more singing.

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