Joseph Jean-Paul


Joseph Jean-Paul was born in 1958 in Limbe, Haiti with nothing but stumps for arms and legs.  He was cared for in the baptist home for handicapped people and then sent to school in Port-au-Prince at the Episcopal school for handicapped children, Ecole St. Vincent.  There he learned how to use artificial arms and legs - to feed himself, brush his teeth and eventually, how to write and type.


His talent as an artist manifested itself as he tauaght himself to draw using a brush in his mouth or held between his chin and shoulder.  The latter technique proved easiest for him, and he has developed a unique style of primitive art through which he portrays Haitian life with sympathy and humor.

 Joseph is now on the staff of Ecole St. Vincent as an art teacher.

The Task Force has been visiting the St. Vincent school for the handicapped since the orphanage.  We have provided a van to transport the children in the school.  This past May we had the pleasure of spending some time with Joseph Jean-Paul, learning his story and of course purchasing some of his amazing artwork.

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