My life changing trip...

Haiti had me hooked the moment I landed in Port-au-Prince, just over a year ago.  I had the unique opportunity to share this life-changing mission with my sister and our 86 year old father, who were also a part of this group.  I traveled there with an open mind and came back with a fulll heart, saturated with many emotions.  I felt an immediate connection with this country and its people, and I knew I would be back.

After returning from my second visit with another amazing group, it really felt like "home" to me.  I was able to reunite with my Haitian friends and witness their steps of progress.  Fred, one of our translators, is now employed full time teaching English to medical students at a local university.  Jonas, another translator, is graduating from seminary school in May.  Several women have been inspired by our visits to create beautiful jewelry that they sell.  Others are pursuing adult education classes to realize their dream of employment.  It gives me great satisfaction to know that our presence really makes a difference in their lives and brings hope to the many challenges they face.

It is very gratifying to revisit the churches, clinics and schools that we partner with to deliver much needed supplies and strengthen our bonds.  The highlight of this trip for me was visiting the orphanages.  Despite the circumstances that these children find themselves in, it brings me great joy to see them thriving in their environment.  Clearly, they are well cared for, loved and most of all happy.  I'm already anticipating my next visit to Haiti.

Leslie Cote

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