One Bar, One Child, One Meal

For years the people of Haiti have been  poverty stricken and can easily go for long periods of time without food.  On our last trip to Haiti in May, Each of the principals of our schools and the people who head up the orphanages all said that more so than ever they are having problems with hunger.  Students are not coming to school because they are sick and malnurished.  Or, if they do come to school they are falling asleep or leave due to sickness or headaches.  


The Task Force is working on several different programs to help to provide food for our students.   We are very excited to be partnering with 2 Degree Food, the first One-for-One food company.  Every bar you purchase will provide a meal for a hungry child in our communities in Haiti.   These delicious nutrition bars come in 4 flavors, all of which are gluten free, vegan, low sodium and believe it or not taste great!  The 4 flavors are cherry almond, chocolate banana, chocolate peanut, and apple pecan.  They can be purchased on the 2 Degree Food website







                                                      When you click into the 2 Degree website, use the discount code

                                                      at checkout of

                                                      code=         HAITITASKFORCE15

                                                      to receive a 15% discount on the bars you order


It does not matter where you live, if you order and use the above discount code the children in our communities will benefit.


Currently, we are selling these bars at the Spartan 360 Fitness gym in Middletown, RI.  The members at this fitness gym do a high intensity workout and absolutlely love these bars.  We have a hard time keeping them in stock. 





These bars are delicious, amazing and satisfy hunger and cravings.  When you choose Two degrees not only are they a gluten free, vegan food that are made with natural, organic ingredients but you are helping to feed a hungry child.  that's enough reason in itself to choose this bar.  I would recommend Two Degree bars to everyone who is looking for a tastier, healthy snack option.

                                      Kerin Benson

                                      Esthetician/Make Up Artist

                                      Invidia Salon & Spa (Portsmouth, RI)                       









Why should you buy 2 Degree bars?  The answer is twofold and very important.  First, because by doin so you are helping feed a hungry child somewhere in the world.  Think about when you were young, or your children were young.  Would you have wanted them to go hungry?  If so, wouldn't you have wanted someone to help?  Well, buy buying these bars you are actually being that person.  You are helping a hungry child get food.  Second, because these bars actually are not only tastey but extremely healthy for you.  they are vegan and gluten free and filled with powerful nutritional elements like Chia Seeds.  No matter how you look at it, it's a win win scenario.

                                      Guido Van Hemelryck

                                      Owner/Master Coach

                                      Spartan Fitness 360 (Middletown, RI)






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