No society can build itself without an educated base​

Education is a major element of the Haiti Task Force Mission.

Most of the children we work with in Haiti have very little or no financial support. Without the scholarship aid provided through sponsorship's,  they would not be able to attend school.

The Task Force was instrumental in building two schools – the Fontamara School and the Ti-Marche School. In these schools individual student sponsorships make it possible for over 200 children to attend school.

Other schools have now come to us for help.  At one of the schools, the teachers and the principal are volunteering their time and using their own funds to provide whatever meager supplies they can find. Another school program takes place in the sanctuary of a very small church building, which is divided into four classrooms by heavy curtains that are hung during the week and removed on Sunday so the church services can be held. We have determined that the best way to support the additional schools is on a school-wide level as opposed to individual sponsorships. We are excited to offer new opportunities to help these schools.

There are many ways to make a difference in the lives of the young people of Haiti as they strive to obtain the education they will need to help their country make permanent meaningful changes.

Janet D. Igo
RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force
Sponsorship Program Coordinator

Fontamara &

Ti-Marche Schools

The Fontamara and Ti-Marche schools are located in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince.  The children range from nursery school through 8th grade.  When children attend school in Haiti they are required to wear school uniforms.  Most schools do not have access to school books so the children write their lessons in the notebooks provided.

School is not a right in Haiti, more of a dream.  Since public schooling is extremely limited most have to pay tuition to attend school, it is not uncommon for a child to attend school off and on for years.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor a child...

We had a great time visiting the schools this year.  Instead of taking individual child pictures we took pictures of each classroom with their teachers.  Plus, some pictures of the kids just having fun.  Check out the pictures.

Martin Luther &

Community School of Bellevue


We were able to visit the new site for the Community School of Bellevue to move the school.  It is the hope to have both the school and a chicken farm on the same property.  Check out the  Pictures of the property





We also, so spent some time at the Martin Luther School and made some fun butterfly crafts with the children.  It was the first time we had really done any projects with these children so it was especially fun for all.


Check out the pictures of our fun filled afternoon.





Both the Martin Luther and the Community School of Bellevue are run by a group of dedicated teachers who basically volunteer their time and try to find as many school supplies as they can.  They love the children and want them to have an education.  However, few if any of the children are able to pay tuition and it is impractical to expect the teachers will be able to work and not be paid for long.  We are trying to encourage people to help to support the school overhead verses sponsoring individual children.  Helping to pay for school supplies, upkeep and of course teachers salaries will keep the children in school learning (like they should be) and keep these wonderful teachers employed with a salary to support their families.

To learn more about how you can help to support these schools...

New Horizons,

Notre Dame &

Operation Love the



Our work with orphanages in Haiti began shortly after the earthquake in 2010. One of our interpreters asked us to visit an orphanage in Port- au- Prince where he had volunteered.  They had just suffered extensive damage and an unimaginable loss of life. On one of our first trips after the earthquake, a team visited Notre Dame orphanage. Once a home to over 60 children, Notre Dame was now mostly rubble. The orphanage had secured

temporary housing for the small group of survivors but were desperately in need of bathroom facilities. The Task Force funded and arranged for the building to be constructed. That was the beginning of our work with orphanages in Haiti.

Today we work with three orphanages. The Task Force has been able to provide food, clothing, bunk beds and mattresses. We've also provided the funding for walkways throughout one orphanage so the children don't have to wade through puddles up to their ankles when it rains. We've provided wheelchairs for special needs children who live in one of the orphanages. And, most recently we were able to secure a $25,000 grant to build a solar water heating system for one of the orphanages.

If you are interested in seeing how you can help...

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