Agronomy Students start to reforest Haiti

A group of Agronomy students including our own Fleurantin-Labbe Feniet, have started a program to help to reforest Haiti.  The group is calling their program the" Movement of the Young People for the Vegetation of Haiti"  There goal is to start in one community planting some fruit trees and to teach the locals how to care for the trees so they will grow and produce bountiful fruits.  The group consists of 9 members who live in the community of the planting of the trees, with Fleurantin-Labbe Feniet leading the group as the coordinator.


The Task Force combined efforts with several UCC churches raised $1,795.50 and donated it  to the agronomy students in Haiti to help kick off their program.  While we were at the University the students did a wonderful presentation of what their program is and how they plan to implement it.  The plan was to plant 500 trees,  however, with the monies raised it was more feasible to plant 325 trees and use the balance of the donation to help with the cost of the planting, teaching and nurturing of the trees.



On May 28th  the students arrived in Petite-Riviere de Nippes  with 11 students to start the work of the program.  The first day the students arrived they made preparations for the implemetation of the seedlings, to teach the community of the importance of this activity and arranged a committe which consisted of 9 members to help the students to assure the follow-up.  The next 2 days the group planted the seedlings of fruit and forest trees.  On May 29th the group planted 100 fruit trees and 62 forest trees.  The next day they planted 80 fruit trees and 83 forest trees.  The student protected the seedlings against animals and other factors which might damage their development using supports with bags and tiles to block the seedlings.













In order to continue with the upkeep of these trees and hopefully continue to plant even more trees donations are needed,.  Your donations will to help reforest Haiti will make a difference which would last for hopefully life times to come.



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