It has been my long-term dream to create a platform that enpowers students who have completed their high school education to become change leaders who can have a positive social impact and be self-sustaining in their community. 

The Adult Professional and Technical Training Program focuses on eliminating the root causes of hunger and poverty, providing the people who are most affected with a solution -- professional and job skills. The major goal is to stimulate the students to show initiative and take follow-up actions as they seek employment utilizing their new skills.  Then they will begin to realize that one person can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Saniel Sanon

Program Manager

Adult Students Professional and Technical Training Program

Get to know our students with these video's we taped while in Haiti in May 2013

We currently have 8 adult education students attending school.  All are extremely personable, smart and motivated.  We are excited to give you the opportunity to get to know these students thru these video's.  We will be adding new video's periodically so that you can meet each of these wonderful students.  In the video the student will be speaking in creole and you will hear another student and or translator translating the students words.  Some students speak a little english and were very pleased to help with these video's. 


We hope you will enjoy watching and learning.  Each student needs help with their education to make their dreams come true.  Their dreams to finish school and become a productive working member of their society.  You can help their dreams come true by making a donation to help with their tuition.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Alexandra Lombard

Alexandra is 23 years old and is attending her 2nd year in an administrative program.  Alexandra will graduate in June of 2014.  Learn more about Alexandra by watching her video tape she made for us on our trip.

Francia Saint-Cloud

Francia is 28 years old and is attending starting her 2nd year studying accounting.  Learn more about Francia by watching the video she made while we were in Haiti.

Guillaume Betty

Betty is 28 years old and starting her 2nd year in an administrative program. Get to know Betty by watching the video she made while we were in Haiti.

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