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The RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force was founded 25 years ago when now retired, conference minister Rev. Dr. H. Daehler Hayes partnered with the Rev. Jean Dorisca, the founder of the Mission Evangelique Baptitise Bethesda (MEBB) churches.  Numerous groups have traveled to Haiti since 1990 and continues today more dedicated than ever to its Mission:
 Providing education, quality health care, orphan relief, and community-based services for the people of Haiti.  We do this through student and school sponsorship's,  financial support for medical clinics, sustained friendship and joint advocacy for positive change. 

Over the years the Task Force has:
· Built two multipurpose buildings to house schools and clinics
· Built a nursery and bathroom for an orphanage
· Provided bunk beds, mattresses, and a generator for an orphanage
· Provided a solar system for an orphanage
· Sponsored individual children and schools that provide education to over 600 students
· Several churches provide suport to the clinic that regularly serves over 375 patients a month, by paying
   salaries and monies for medicines.
· Built wells in three communities bringing fresh water to over 1000 people in each community
· Brought a child to RI for brain surgeries and a young man to Massachusetts for bi-lateral knee
   replacement.  Both successful operations could not have been performed in Haiti
· Fostered a strong fellowship that brings the people of Haiti together with their Rhode Island brothers
  and sisters in the truest meaning of loving one another.
· Provided funding to improve the lives of the tiniest of Haiti’s needy – orphans
Suzanne Swanson


RIC-UCC Board Member

I have been absolutely hooked on Haiti since my first mission trip back in 1999.  The spirit of the people, despite their abject poverty, is truly inspirational. The friendships that have formed both with the people in Haiti as well as those traveling on the numerous mission trips or working behind the scenes have been invaluable.  What we do together can make such a difference in the lives of others!

Rev. Dr. H. Daehler Hayes was instrumental in establishing the RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force, 25 years ago

Rev. Dr. H. Daehler Hayes

Retired Conference Minister RIC-UCC

Professor URI


Janet Igo


Sponsor Program Coordinator



I fell in love with Haiti 10 years ago.  The people in Haiti reached in and grabbed my heart on my first trip.  My passion in life is to do all I can to help these wonderful people.  

I am from Haiti but currently live in Michigan.  My dream has been to start a foundation to help young people stand on their own.

Saniel Sanon

Program Manager - Adult Ed

RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force Steering Committee:

                                                Suzanne Swanson, Chair                                    

      Carolyne Ainsworth                                         Wendy Merriman                       Leslie Cote                                                         Betty Prescott
      Rev. H. Daehler Hayes                                     Walter Prescott
      Shirley Hardison                                               Linda Sable  
       Janet Igo                                                            Jessie Schoepfer                          Christina McKenrich                                       Lora Spalt
The Haiti Task Force is affiliated with and a division of the
Rhode Island Conference United Church of Christ (RIC-UCC). 
       Suzanne Swanson,  Task Force Chair serves on the RIC-UCC Board of Directors.           


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