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One Egg Haiti is egg-a-licious.  Make sure to click the link below to read more information and also to check out the campaign video.


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Latest News

Meet the amazing man

who painted this painting

Check out this video of the youngest at  Fontamara singing a song


New Horizon Orphanage 
Entertaining us.  Check out the video

Website under construction.

Stay tuned for an updated and new site.



One Bar, One Child, One Meal


Learn how you can eat something delicious, good for you and also feed a child in Haiti all at once.


No society can build itself without an educated base.

Health Care

The clinic in Fontamara continues to be active in seeing a number of patients each month and the salaries continue to be funded.  Money for medications is now provided from both relief monies and from selling the Haitian crafts brought back from each trip.


Many children who have lost their families or whose loved ones cannot care for them as a result of the earthquake are being cared for in a number of orphanages.

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